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Welcome to Transitions Homeeuthanasia

When faced with end-of-life decisions for beloved pets, families may choose at-home euthanasia so that:

  • Pets can spend last moments peacefully in their familiar, comfortable space
  • Families can say personal, private goodbyes
  • Other pets in the home can more immediately understand the loss

With these reasons in mind, Dr. McReynolds started Transitions Home Euthanasia more than twenty years ago to serve Atlanta area families. She has continued to provide thoughtful and compassionate care, walking families through all aspects of the decision-making, procedure and aftercare.
“The journey of saying goodbye to that special family friend is difficult and emotional. As a licensed veterinarian, pet owner, and mom, I understand how this will impact the dynamics of your family. By choosing to stay in the secure and comfortable environment of your home, you allow family members, including other pets, the ability to privately grieve and say goodbye. Over the last 20 years, I have personally helped hundreds of families through this heartfelt transition. Somehow, being at home during this time seems less stressful on your pet and on you. My goal is to make a situation that is never easy, a bit easier.”

— M.G. McReynolds, DVM