Perhaps the most difficult part of caring for our beloved pets is acting on their behalf at the end of their life. This is when having an experienced professional and trusted partner is most crucial.

Dr. McReynolds can handle all aspects of the pet’s end-of-life transition so that families are informed, prepared, and unburdened from many of the elements that can add to the difficulty of an already stressful time. The full range of her care includes:

  • Quality of life consultation – an assessment and discussion of options, to guide you to an informed and compassionate decision
  • Home euthanasia – description of procedure, completion of forms, and the administration of sedative and euthanasia injections by a licensed and experienced professional
  • Aftercare – transport of a pet’s body and/or information for the families to take care of this on their own
  • Cremation arrangements
  • Resources for grieving pet loss